Government Focus on Generating Employment in the Country: Labor Minister Chaudhary

Kathmandu: Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Honorable Minister Gauri Shankar Chaudhary said that the current government's focus is to generate employment opportunities in the country.He said that the Government  wants to engage youth by employment generation  in the country by imparting training. He has  informed that the government is preparing to launch  a large number of training centers in all the seven provinces.

Speaking at the  national cadres gathering of the GEFONT, Minister Chaudhary said that the Prime Minister's Employment Program, Social Security Fund and others would be managed. 

He also informed that improving what was learned at the initial stage would refine the Prime Minister’s Employment Program.He further said that due to the large number of unemployment, the local levels are trying to provide employment to as many people as possible. He also said that the government's focus was on creating more job opportunities.

Minister Chaudhary said that there is a plan to expand the scope of the social security fund to include civil servants and workers of the informal sector. He said for the betterment of the labor market he expressed commitment to take suggestions from the trade unions.

Minister Chaudhary said that he was aware of the fact that the general public are facing difficulties in getting services because offices could not be decentralized. He said that as much as possible Labor  Offices should be set up in all 77 districts if not at least in industrial cities should be established.

Minister Chaudhary also informed that the employment of Nepali migrant workers should be safe. He said that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was showing interest for  domestic workers from Nepal and discussion is ongoing with the UAE Ambassador to Nepal. He said that the safety of Nepali workers in the destination country is  the main concern of Nepal and added that Nepal would seek guarantee of economic and social security

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