Nepal Garbage Cleaners Employee Union (NGCEU) Foundation day

Nepal Garbage Cleaners Employee Union (NGCEU) was established in June 15, 1990 as Independent Garbage Cleaners Union of Nepal (IGCUN).

In 1980, garbage cleaners’ unit committee called strike submitting 15 points Memorandum in Kathmandu municipality. This was the first organised action of Garbage Cleaners. In spite of suppression of administration, the movement succeed to fulfil most of the demands. This was the great success of workers- otherwise only hired as wage workers after the movement the workers got permanent appointment and new provision was made where municipality would provide the workers with things needed for cleaning and also provide dress and medical treatment facility. This led to establish IGCUN in 1980. 

The union was registered in Department of Labour in April 14, 1990.  The union covers all the workers working in 58 municipality across the Nepal, and the workers who cleans and collect garbage in villages, offices, hospitals etc.

It is an affiliate of GEFONT since its inception and it has been globally affiliated with IndustriALL global union. In its 6th national convention in 2013 the union was renamed as Nepal Garbage cleaners Employee Union.

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