Efforts to secure employment, income and social protection for workers: Right Honorable Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli

“The efforts of the government will be focused on ensuring employment, income and social protection for the workers by uniting in the fight against the Corona Pandemic. For this, first, we should connect the broken production link and smoothenedthe blocked production system.  Relief facility is the short term measure, employment for the all workers is the first goal of the Government.
Those who involved in employment would be included in the social security system. The minimum wage will be ensured for those who are at work. ”said Right Honorable Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli extending the greetings on the occasion of May Day 2020.

“Arrangements will be made for the operation of labor-intensive technology in  the federal, province  and local levels,. A combination of labor and technology and A development model in combination labour and technology and people participation including wages will be adopted. The  government will  make arrangements for loans and technology transfer to create self-employment for the returnees according to the skills they have acquire”,saidPrime Minister in his message .

Stating that those who are not able to go for employment at home or abroad will be included in the Prime Minister's Employment Program, Prime Minister Oli said that arrangements will be made to ensure the job opportunities created by various ministries, agencies and public institutions for Nepalis.

 Thoughideologically Nepal's political movement is leading the trade union movement, Prime Minister Oli said that the Nepali trade union movement has taught a lot to the political movement.The trade union movement of Nepal has taught us not to panic in times of need, and to move forward by maintaining unity among diversity. The trade unions have taught us that mutual unity and building a union is like stepping on a ladder.

So let's look down, not just up. ” So I want to say, we must move forward together in today's awkward hour, like a union. We must look not only upwards to the sky of our aspirations, but also downwards towards the masses, as the union .
The Message calls for unity in fight against COVID-19; and extended hearty best wishes to the workers within the country and abroad.

Message by Right Honorable Prime Minister Mr. KP Sharma Oli

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