​GEFONT Bagmati Province First convention held:

The General Federation of Nepalese trade union GEFONT has held its  Bagmati province’s first convention in Tulsilal Smriti Pratisthan on the 11th of June. The Convention elected a new 24-member committee under the presidency of Ramhari Nepal including Vice president Arjun Aryal, and secretary Krishna Rimal.

At the convention, Chief Guest GEFONT President Binod Shrestha said that the CPN UML was the most labor-friendly political party based on its practices, policies, and programs so far and the achievement of the labor sector has been possible during the CPN UML government.

Speaking on the occasion Shrestha says that, old aged allowances including contributory social security programs, Ownership of land in the name of women are implemented through efforts of CPN UML and GEFONT has achieved the target of increasing the minimum wages by Rs. 5000.

GEFONT will resume its campaign to effectively implement the contribution-based social security program president Shrestha said that the employers were not ready to implement the social security programs to make more workers exploited.  He further said that the CPN UML would become popular evermore conceding that the workers acquired pensions.

Stating that the Prime Minister Employment Program Started during the CPN-UML-led government was badly published, GEFONT chairman Shrestha argued that the work would be equal.  Stating that every work should be esteem, he said that the program is expected to be continued in the coming days.

He said that the participation of trade union members is necessary for the political parties to make labor-friendly political parties. He urged the GEFONT member to move forward and take the lead in politics in order to make the CPN UML more categorized.

At the inaugural session, CPN UML Upatyakta committee president Prem Kumar Parajuli,  Bagmati Province Deputy secretary Mahesh Gartaula, and ANTUF Bagmati province President Shiva Pokhrel addressed during the session.

On the occasion, GEFONT General Secretary Janak Chaudhary said that “strengthening the affiliate union only makes strengthened GEFONT therefore, the central committee and the state committee should formulate a plan accordingly.” GEFONT has a plan to recognize the unions, adding that new areas such as outsourcing and online jobs are booming fast and GEFONT should manage organizational work accordingly.

He has taken over his notions that Leaders of GEFONT should be aware of where the international market is heading. Furthermore, he discussed the issues such as the global food crisis and the possible impact on Nepal because India had banned exports were banned on wheat and other food items.

 Speaking regarding the contribution-based social security program, GEFONT Secretary-General Janak Chaudhary said that the program starts from the formal sector where it is easier to implement the program from the same area where the state has already guaranteed social security. He further added that it would take time to identify and register the workers of the informal sector and the self-employed, it was initially implemented in the formal sector and now the workers of the informal and self-employed sector should also be brought into the program.

The new leadership is unanimously elected by the election committee presided by GEFONT Vice President Jeetendra Shrestha and comprising secretary Belimaya Ghale and NEC member Sita Lama. Earlier, a nine-member presidium chaired by General Secretary Janak Chaudhary had conducted a closed session.  The Financial report and the organizational report presented by Vice President Arjun Dhungel and Secretary Arjun  Aryal in the closed session were passed with some suggestions.

GEFONT Bagmati province had made plans to increase members by 10,000, expand the municipal committees in additional 50 municipalities and provide training to the new committee on basic knowledge of union-management and trade union. In the coming tenure.

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