GEFONT celebrated the 72nd birth anniversary of Figurehead Madan Bhandari

General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) held the program on the occasion of the 72nd birth anniversary of figurehead Madan Bhandari at Tulsilal Smriti Bhawan on July 1.
Addressing the program CPN-UML's Executive Secretary General, Pradip Gyawali, praised the significant impact of Comrade Madan Bhandari's short yet influential life. He emphasized Bhandari's established leadership in the hearts of the Nepali people and the Communist Movement, considering him an enduring source of inspiration for the nation's politics.

He recalled Madan Bhandari, who emerged during a fervent debate between capitalist and socialist factions in Nepal. He remarked that Marxist ideology has reached new heights, presenting the principle of people's multi-party democracy amidst challenging circumstances.

In the program, GEFONT President Binod Shrestha highlighted the distinctive aspects of the people's multiparty democracy advocated by the esteemed leader Madan Bhandari, saying that Bhandari was a dedicated activist fighting for the rights of the working class in Nepal. He stressed the significance of commemorating the movement for workers and continuing the struggle to improve their standard of living and to encourage the common workers.

During the program, there was an interaction between the chief guest Pradip Gyawali and participants about Madan Bhandari's contributions to the labour movement, the vision of a prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali, and the concept of People's Multiparty Democracy.

In the program, GEFONT showcased a portrait of the revered leader Madan Bhandari and announced their plan to publish a book in his memory, titled "Why do I miss Madan Bhandari?" They invited the participants to share their thoughts on the topic in written form.


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