WHIN Registration Campaign on Social Security; Submits Memorandums

Kathmandu, WHIN has organized registration campaign on contribution based social security. Memorandum has submitted in 5 Provincial chief Ministers on 26 June. Similarly, Memorandum has been submitted in Social Security fund offices, Nepal Chamber of Commerce & 10 different labour department’s offices.

In the memorandum, WHIN argued all the concern parities to implement common commitment related to law and regulations, based on cooperation between the Employers, Trade Union and the Government of Nepal.

WHIN also recalled that contribution-based Social Security Act 2074 has been implemented by government in order to ensure the workers’ rights & to implement Contribution based social security.  As per the Social Security act everyone has the responsibility of registration in social security fund. 


Likewise, it also recalled that to strengthen & sustainable labour market Trade Unions has been saying that “The more Social Security, more Labour market flexibility”. In this context Nepal government started implementing social security plan from July 17 is in favor of workers and employers both so that we all have to focus on Registration process.

According to WHIN president Cde. Annad Thami WHIN has submitted memorandum in 229 industries where WHIN has committees, District level chamber of Commerce. In province no 1 WHIN has submitted 46 industries, in No 2 Province 71 industries and No 3 province also 71 industries. Similarly, in Gandaki province 20 & Province no 5, 21 Industries WHIN has submitted memorandum.

1205 WHIN Leaders & Cadres were mobilized in the Memorandum submission campaign. WHIN president Cde, Thami said that the hug campaign on social Security has been launched throughout the country will create the pressure to the employers. He also hope that all the employers will register in Social Security fund soon.

GEFONT has been conducting information campaign for registration of workers & employers on Social Security scheme 

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