Political parties forgot the working- class, letting the merchant take over the inclusive quotas

General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), President Binod Shrestha has said that the political parties of Nepal have forgotten the woking-class.  “ The likelihood of rich people winning the political parties’ election in the inclusive quota has been evolved which does not encourage the principle of inclusiveness,” said President. Citing the example of rich people being elected in the inclusive quota at the Nepali Congress Convention, Shrestha opined that there is no representation of workers.

Addressing the Bagmati State Level Women’s gathering organized by GEFONT, President said that GEFONT has always been adamant about an increment of women’s representation. Upon agreeing on the women representation of  51 percent in every structure of GEFONT, he stated that it is necessary to increase the number of women members in the union. He further stated that for the first time in Nepal, GEFONT institutionalized 33 percent representation of women in the organization only then it was guaranteed in the constitution of Nepal. According to him, women currently make up to 40 percent representation in the National Committee of GEFONT which signified that GEFONT has guaranteed strong representation instead of rhetorical participation of women.

He said, “GEFONT needs to be strongly represented in all the three areas of service, production and informal, for that regular training would play a crucial role”. “The self-employment sector has been developing as a very large sector in recent times, with the increasing women involvement in it, it is necessary to involve them in the Trade Union Movement”.
In the program, GEFONT General Secretary Janak Chaudhary said that the meeting was organized to discuss the changes in the workplace and how those changes impacted employment relations due to the changed context of the labor market.
In the meeting – organized as a workshop, the thematic discussion was held by forming two groups. The participant from the group which was facilitated by GEFONT Vice-President Bidur Karki and GEFONT Bagmati State President Ram Hari Nepal expressed that it is necessary to register the informal sector workers and involve them in Social Security Programs.
Similarly, referring to some factories and establishments, the exploitation of labor supplier companies has been intensified, the inability to differentiate between the labor suppliers and main employers and the failure to get the wages according to the work were the problems described by the participants.

Furthermore, the participants said that although women workers are given equal pay for equal work, they are forced to work for more which causes physical pain because they demanded equal pay. Likewise, the participants also discussed the achievements and problems endured by health volunteers and those working in the field of self-employment, micro-enterprises due to COVID-19.
Janak Chaudhary has informed that such meetings will be organized in other provinces to notify GEFONT’s members about overall labor law and proceeding work of GEFONT as well as to identify regional problems at the local level for solution. The meeting was attended by about 50 representatives of various GEFONT affiliated unions.

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