Domestic and foreign Retrogrades were making strategies to split the CPN UML -Rimal

Chief Advisor of former Prime minister & patron of GEFONT Cde.Bishnu Rimal said that the retrogrades were making strategies to weaken and split the CPM-UML.

Speaking at the Congress Delegates Council meeting of GEFONT, he said that an intense exercise was underway to split the CPN-UML. He further added the current government has moved in the same direction saying that there is a discussion going on with ruling alliance to amendment Political Parties act 2073 through ordinance as 40 % members are required in both the parliamentary party and the party central committee for party split.

GEFONT Patron Rimal said, " History has not evaluated the way taken by Madhav Kumar Nepal and he is not in favor of party unity, he has been the supporter of retrogrades. Nepal has been demanding the return of the party in Jestha 2, dissolution of the General Convention Organizing Committee, appointment of two presidents and addition of members to the Central Committee to reach a majority.”

CPN leader Rimal said that some people were interpreting the incident as the cause of the problem. He explained the role played in the last five years by CPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpakamal dahal in various incidents. Cde. Rimal recalled that the party was united in almost equal status even though the Maoist center was not a major force to form a stable government, strengthen the communist movement, and accelerate development. He said that he succeeded in forming the government only after great pressure. He further added that opponents are panicking about the incomparable and unimaginable achievement of the government in two years.

He stressed that no incident can be analyzed on the basis of results and it is necessary to understand the cause. He maintained that the legacy of the CPN (UML) was with the CPN (UML). Ram Bahadur Thapa, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and Mani Thapa, who were in the process of unification of the CPN (UML), are still in the CPN (UML) and expressed the view of proving the legacy of the CPN (UML). Cde. Rimal clarified that only the CPN-UML MPs paid the levy to the party after the unification but MPs from the Maoist center did not pay the levy.

GEFONT Patron Rimal said that leaders need to reach their goals and purpose, and others need to follow the path. He said "A person who is dishonest to his organization dies while he is alive, and a person who is honest with his organization lives and dies," 

He clarified law is not optional for anyone. Referring to the current confusion over the registration of employers and workers in the Social Security Funds (SSF).  Cde.Rimal said that the people’s rights would not be curtailed from the judiciary and others place despite change in the political system. 

He suggested to the GEFONT, organize high level discussion to formulate ideas in the current context, work to prepare the leadership for the upcoming days and show the strong presence in the party structures such as wards, municipality, district, state and central levels which plays an important role in the party.

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