GEFONT had concluded its 8th National Congress, Various campaigns will be conducted within the next four years

The 8th National Congress of the General Federation of Nepalese trade union (GEFONT) has been concluded. GEFONT had informed about the National Committee elected by the 8th National congress by organizing a press conference held in Kathmandu.

At the press conference held after the congress, the re-elected president of GEFONT Binod Shrestha informed about the newly elected national committee and he informed that within the next four years, a nationwide campaign will be conducted with the goal of getting two million workers to be added for the social security fund.  According to GEFONT, GEFONT plans to conduct a campaign “Target of 2 million" and 2 million workers can be added to the fund, including those who are employed abroad, all kinds of wage workers, and self-employed workers. Presenting the program for the next four years passed by the 8th National Congress of GEFONT, the newly elected President Binod Shrestha informed that planned to promote health insurance, assist in the treatment and intervene in premium collection.

In addition, GEFONT had decided to launch a campaign to pay the students of various colleges for internships in the name of training in hotels, chain restaurants, and marts saying that this is an unfair job. President said that the campaign name “Wages for trainee” will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Act to prevent the exploitation of juvenile labor.

GEFONT commented that it will conduct the campaign including making decent employment creating pressure to implementation of labor audits etc.

GEFONT will conduct a program called "Issues Across Borders: Organization and Success" to prevent injustice to Nepali workers employed abroad. President Shrestha informed that campaigns will also be conducted to connect youth and women with the trade union movement.

Meantime, GEFONT’s 8th National congress held in Kathmandu has elected a new National committee under the presidency of Binod Shrestha. Former President Bishnu Rimal has been preferred as a patron as before.

The congress elected Ramesh Badal, Bidur Karki ,  Jitendra Shrestha, Janak Chaudhary, Kamal Gautam, Manju kumari Thapa Magar, and Sita Lama as Vice presidents, and laxman Sharma as General Secretary,  Naranath luitel Kamala Tamang as a deputy general Secretary. Likewise Hari Bahadur Karki, Krishna Bahadur K.C , Smritee Lama, Mahendra Lal Shrestha, Belimaya Ghale Tara Nidhi Panta, and Bijaya Khadka were elected as Secretary. Ex-officio members have been selected from various affiliate unions, provincial committees, women and youth committees, etc. The National Committee has 57 members.

Similarly, Gunaram Aacharya has been selected as the head of the GEFONT Discipline Inspection commission, Meena Gurung as the Head of the GEFONT Parliamentary and local level coordinating committee, and Dev Bahadur Bam as the Head of the Labour cooperative Promotion Committee.

500 delegates from all over the country participated in the congress held from 23rd to 26th July.

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