​GEFONT Urge early release of Ms. Rojimaya Limbu

On the occasion of Migrant day 2016, GEFONT Department of Foreign Affairs issues a press note and congratulates all migrant workers who leave their country for better jobs. In the statement, GEFONT urge government of Lebanon to release Ms. Rojimaya Limbu without delay. She was arrested by government of Lebanon last week. The authority accused that she was involve in rescuing a domestic workers who is exploited by her employer. Similarity in the same allegation,   Ms. Suzana (sushila) Rana also deported from Lebanon last week.

In the statement, GEFONT also request government of of Nepal to create safe and decent working environment to workers working abroad. For the purpose, bilateral agreement should have with all destination country and that must be prepared as transparent manner.

 GEFONT urge that migrant workers should not be discriminated and should be protected by National law. Workers should have at least minimum wage, basic facility including social security.  They should have right to remit their earning through banking system.

During the recruitment workers should be free from all kind of recruitment fees and related cost and they should have access to justice in a free and fair manner, including easy exit when they want to leave the job. And most importantly, they have right to organize and bargaining collectively.

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