Cde. Ishwor Pokharel praised GEFONT Re-Structuring according to the new Constitution

CPN-UML General Secretary, Cde. Ishwor Pokharel appreciated the GEFONT exercise of re-structuring according to the new Constitution. He expressed that GEFONT is dynamic to re-manage the organisation as per Country's Law.

Speaking in the GEFONT 87th NEC Meeting, Cde.Ishwor  Pokharel said "CPN UML has played vital role to promulgate the new Constitution and has been robustly struggling against the forces that hurdled to implement the new Constitution. Constitution is dynamic document, so it can be amended but demands must be appropriate to amend." He also requested GEFONT to fight with those who oppose the new Constitution.

He said "CPN-UML is the party that implement, whatever it said and its policy & activities have also cleared all criticism against the party. Further CPN- UML President K.P Oli's Government actions have boosted the height of the UML Party. " 
"Major Challenge ahead is to conduct election within 11 Feb , 2017.  Those who are  against the Constitution have been making conspiracy against the election so that can make the  Parliament passive and obstruct the  implementation of new constitution. Also, other parties don't want to conduct the election on time as they are afraid that CPN-UML may win the election " He added.

Madhesi Parities have been saying Nepal as  two states of Hill and Terai people, which  is  not acceptable for UML. Therefore,  Cde.Pokharel urged everyone to involve in Self-esteem, Independent Nepal's Campaign

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