A journalist is also working class, equipped to move on in collaboration with GEFONT

General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) has organized an interaction program on communication with media on posh 21 at Alpha house Baneshwor. In the program, a video was presented by the GEFONT in the labour world from the inception of GEFONT to the eve of the 8th congress, While GEFONT President Binod Shrestha presented the policies and programs prepared by the convention for four years. 

Speaking that new ways of exploiting workers are commencing developed in tourism schools and business transportation as training; he said that GEFONT will be active to clear up.

A campaign gets commenced to get 2 million workers to join contribution-based social security. GEFONT will start a campaign to register workers and list them in every municipality saying that President Shrestha further added that they will proceed by collaborating with the media to address the issue of workers.

In the program Secretary of the CPN UML, publicity department Gagan Bista said that the worker's issues are sensitive and the media should support it.

GEFONT Vice President Jitendra Shrestha stated that GEFONT had begun a dialogue about how GEFONT can collaborate with the media about the labour world and stressed it should be continued. He thanked everyone for accepting the invitation, saying that journalists are also working class working in the communication sector and can cooperate with the trade union and move forward for African rights.

GEFONT Publicity department secretary Mahendra Shrestha said that although GEFONT has played a leading role in advocacy and problem-solving for a long time, the issue could not be established due to lack of coordination with the media, and said that in the future, cooperation with the media is necessary for addressing the labour issue.

In the program, the media persons said that although GEFONT has been playing a leading role in labour issues since its inception, due to the lack of cooperation and coordination with the media, it has not been able to address as much as it should.

In the program where the journalists suggested that the organization should work for reporting by forming a group of journalists to look at labour issues and issues, they said that they are ready to cooperate with GEFONT as the journalists themselves are working class.

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