Determine the Living Wage: GEFONT

The General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union (GEFONT) submitted a memorandum on July  9  to the labour and employment offices across the country demanding an increase in the minimum wages within the month of June/July.
Thousands of workers have submitted the memorandums from Chandragadi in East Koshi to Labour and Employment Office in Dhangadi in Far West along with the banner of determination of living wages.

Likewise, GEFONT affiliate 21 Union have submitted a memorandum to Nepal Government Labour and Employment Department Kathmandu by pressurized to increase workers' remuneration and determine the living wages.

In the memorandum with accordance the provision of reviewing the minimum wages of workers in 2/2 years in the memorandum, since the current year is the year of reviewing the wages of workers, during this period the price of food items, educational sector, house rent, transport fare and health services have increased and mentioned that due to the not able to tie contribution-based social security fund, they are forced accept immature death or live with ailment due to the unaffordable health care services.

Considering this fact, It is mentioned in the memorandum submitted on behalf of the trade unions to the Minimum Wage Determination Committee that we together with the government and employers have proposed to make the minimum wages of all wage earners equal to the wage of the lowest level employees of the government of Nepal.
Through a memorandum, GEFONT has strongly demanded the government and employers to declare the decent wages of workers in all sectors including agriculture, tea, construction and transportation in the formal sector as well as those working in the informal sector, saying that the delay in determining the minimum wage is a big injustice.
Meanwhile, the memorandum was submitted to the Ministry of Labour and Employment in the Biratnagar and Chandragarhi of Koshi Province, Janakpur and Birgunj of Madhesh Province, Kathmandu and Hetauda of Bagmati Province, Pokhara of Gandaki Province, Butwal and Nepalgunj of Lumbini Province, Surkhet of Karnali Province and Dhangadhi of Sudur Paschim Province through labour rallies led by the GEFONT province committee with the demand for immediate increase wages.
It was also stated in the memorandum that if the wages of the workers are not increased on time, then the workers will be forced to go on strike across the country.

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