‚ÄčLabor Immigration: make it a matter of interest, not duress

The General Federation of a Nepalese trade union (GEFONT) has published the fact sheet on the occasion of International Migrant Workers Day 2021. The fact sheet covers important policy reforms related to migrant workers and immigration in 2021.

Speaking at the program organized on the eve of International Migrant Workers day, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha said that many Nepalese are forced to go abroad due to a lack of decent work in Nepal and stressed the need for Decent work in the destination countries as well.

He stated that the incumbent government has attempted to overturn the decision of free visas and free tickets under the pretext of its ineffective implementation, given that he stressed the effective implementation of the policy. He even suggested a reduction in the number of foreign employment agencies as it existed way more than required in Nepal.

Cde. Binod Shrestha said: "Aspirants who wish to go for foreign employment are having problems because of the non-labor friendly government and profit-driven manpower firms and many things cannot be owing to Nepal's predictable leadership".

He informed that GEFONT's central office obtained 18 applications concerning employment with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and other countries in 2021, and 101 people received assistance  Of those, 20 have been rescued, 25 have had their passports retrieved, and 20 people have the issue with manpower firms charging exorbitant rates. The  Fact Sheet has encompassed issues such as the UAE's new Labor Law, and reforms in Qatar's Labor Law, including an analysis of workers' reviews in Recruitment Advisor. 

The member of the GEFONT support group from Kuwait, Malaysia, and Qatar also participated in the hybrid model program. International Migrant day is concluded with the slogan “make it a matter of interest, not duress”.

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