Immediate declared: Decent wages for Workers!

A gathering of the leading workers of the affiliate union of GEFONT held at the GEFONT assembly hall on July 6 organized by GEFONT announced to launch of the nationwide motion demanding the immediate announce decent wages for workers.

GEFONT President Binod Shrestha said that this year is the year to review the minimum wages as per the labour law of Nepal, which mandates reviewing the minimum wages every 2 years in accordance with the minimum wage review system for workers, saying that during this period the price of food items, educational sector, house rent, transport fare and health services have increased and mentioned that due to the not able to tie contribution-based social security fund, they are forced accept immature death or live with ailment due to the unaffordable health care services.

Considering this fact, President Shrestha says "We submitted a written proposal on behalf of JTUCC to the government and employers to set a minimum wage for all earners equal to the first class of government employees during the Minimum Wage Determination Committee meeting."
Shrestha said that delaying minimum wage determination is a significant injustice; shrestha strongly demanded a fair and unanimous declaration for all labourers, both in the formal and informal sectors, including those working in agriculture, tea plantations, construction, and other areas. He urged the government and employers to collaborate and address the rightful demands of all workers.

President Shrestha urged people to prepare for a movement, warning of a nationwide strike if workers' wages are not increased promptly.

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