Tribhuvan University starting Labour Studies

Kathmandu, Tribhuban University is going to begin labour studies. After a long effort by  GEFONT, Labour faculty is about to be started. A labour study is beginning as a new faculty in university, preparation for the course has also started.

GEFONT Trade Union Policy Institute has organized a syllabus draft discussion workshop on 27 and 28 July 2019 in Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godawari. Professors of various subjects and faculty of Tribhuvan University has participated in the discussion. 

Speaking as the chief guest at the formal session of the program, Professor Dr. Shiva lal Bhusal, Dean FoHSS of Tribhuvan University, said that although some issues related to labor studies including sociology, economics, has been covered but not in overall and now it is a pleasure to start a new faculty. He further said that the demand of the market and the interest of the students would determine the future of the faculty. GEFONT has remained intellectuals to think on the labour issue. He further expressed  hope that GEFONT will take the initiative in future also .

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Dr. Sudha Tripathi, Rector of Tribhuvan University, said that the reasons why Nepal could not move forward is that we don’t  have culture to  respect labour. She said that by the education of labour faculty, a good message can be conveyed through the students.She further said” development of the country would be possible only after the transformation of the mindset towards the working class. Labour studies can be a means of the cultural change in the country.”She also said that continue cooperation of GEFONT is necessary to move forward in this faculty.

Speaking at the program, head of the Trade Union Policy Institute (TUPI) Dr. Binda Pandey said discussions were also needed from the academic field to respect the labor. She further added, GEFONT is initiating for labour studies in universities like Germany, Philippines, Brazil, India and Now it is necessary to have a labour studies  in Nepal too.

In depth Discussion on four different technical sessions has been carried out among professors of respective faculties, labour experts & GEFONT leadership on syllabus. The syllabus will be finalized as per the suggestions & inputs of the participants.

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