GEFONT Study visit in China to begin the labour studies in university

Kathmandu, the subject of labour studies is preparing to begin in Tribuvuban University, in that relation 15 members team has been returned to Nepal after a study visit of China labour University about the teaching methodology & Curriculum preparation process.

The Tribhuban University has established the department of Labour Education to run Labour Studies in Universality in coordination with GEFONT Trade Union Policy Institute (TUPI). In that relation, All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) has invited the team for study visit. The study team has visited China from 1st September to 9 September 2019.

The study visit attended by GEFONT Vice President Cde,  Bidur Karki, GEFONT Organizing Academy Chief Cde. Umesh Upadhyay, Chairman of GEFONT Policy Institute Cde.  Binda Pandey and Dean Mr.  Shivlal Bhusal, Dean of Humanities and Social Faculty of Tribhuvan Univercity. the team has visited of China Univercity of labour relation, Sichuan University, Renmin university.

At the inaugural session of the program, Vice President of the ACFTU and member of the ILO governing body Cde. San XiPin highlited the historical aspects of China Nepal relations and the bilateral relations of the ACFTU and GEFONT.

He also expressed happiness that the Tribhuban univercity in Nepal  is going to start  teaching the labor facalty. He has further expressed confidence that bilateral relations would be strengthened in Future.

GEFONT - TUPI head Cde. Binda Pandey has highlighted the objective of the study visit. She further appreciated the cooperation of the ACFTU in the development of the Nepali trade union movement.

Earlier, GEFONT had organied  farewell program to the team in Nepal. Speaking on the occasion, GEFONT President Cde. Binod Shrestha said that in Nepal still common mentality is not positive toward the Trade Union. In such a situation, he said that the  establishing a labour department in the university, teaching the  labor faccalty would be positive in the end. President  Shrestha expressed the view that the study visit would exchange experiences with thematic information about the university-level teaching of  China.

He futher said that it could play an important role in the preparation and management of Master  level studies of  labor being conducted in Nepal.

He has highlited the bilateral relations between the ACFTU  and the GEFONT and said the visit could be planned on the basis of close bilateral relationship. Shrestha further  expressed confidence that the relationship between university and federation, professors and laborers in Nepal and the relation between the intellectuals and the working class will be closer.

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