Reconstruction is impossible without involvement of Trade Union: GEFONT Prez Bishnu Rimal

May 01- On the Occasion of May Day, GEFONT President & Cheif Political Advisor of PM,  Cde. Bishnu Rimal on his Key Note Speech said "This year May Day is special for us with the major responsibility of  post eartquake reconstruction work ". He recalled last year May Day, which was marked among the victims of Earthquake supporting in their rescue & relief operation and now our responsibility is to build  shelter to the homeless by the earthquake before rainy season start.

He added "In Nepal there is scarcity of workers but this year will be important as we need to gear up post earthquake reconstruction work and reconstruction is impossible without Trade Union Involvement".  Therefore,  he assured that it will create opportunity to the workers so that workers do not need to go abroad for job.

He emphasised that now after promulgation of the  New Constitution, Trade Union Movement should focus on enforcement  of the Constitution. And current needs are adoption of Social Security Act & Labour Act immediately to secure the rights of working class.

He further said "Workers are still worried about Hire & Fire but now we are lobbying to make flexible Labour Law so that workers will be eligible to get all services & facilities from the first day they joined the work, therefore it will obviously not hamper any workers." He further informed that we are demanding for equal rights to all the sectors & expecting that new Labour Law will cover Informal Sector, Domestic Work, Agricultures & other sectors.

Closing his remarks, President Cde. Rimal expressed gratitude that major demands raised since 1990 is fulfilled and other Trade Unions are also joining the same track at this moment.

During the gathering, GEFONT Secretary General Cde. Bishnu Lamsal briefed about the history of May Day that this day has been celebrating in remembrance of four workers killed in Chicago. And GEFONT has been celebrating May Day since our struggle day to secure workers rights. He added in current changing context, GEFONT will focus on effective implementation of the new constitution.

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