Penalties for not implementing the Labor Act and Social Security Act: Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel

Kathmandu, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel has said that effective implementation of contribution-based social security program is essential.  in order to implement contribution-based social security programs, from the part of the employer’s narrow-mindset and the traditional thinking needed to be abandoned. 

Speaking as the chief guest in the Fourth Labor Parliament of the Joint Trade Union Coordination Center (JTUCC), he said, “There is no exemption in the effective implementation of the Labor Act. If it is not implemented effectively it is punishable”. 

Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel said that we have fought for the democracy but now we are fighting in democracy, saying that we need to fight in the way of fighting in democracy rather than fighting for democracy.

He stated that the government is in the campaign of prosperous Nepal happy Nepali and made it clear the five areas for it. For this, agriculture, tourism, education, health and physical infrastructure development are the top priority, he urged everyone to assist in this.

Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel said that Govenemnt support for the proposals put forward by the JTUCC. He further said a constructive public movement is necessary to implement them effectively.

He further congratulated JTUCC for carried forward with the slogan of unity in diversity, he said, "It is important to start a good work in itself; it is equally important to move it forward properly." Nepal's trade unions have been successful in this regard. " 

 Speaking on the occasion, Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security Mr. Binod KC said that the role of workers in the development of industry is important. He has described the employers and workers as body and heart.

Secretary KC said the question raised on contribution-based social security programs was a common problem and said the government was committed to solving it. He urged the workers to be registried   in the fund and he made it clear that the fund that collected in the Social Security fund would not transfer   to any other government fund. Stating that the funds were not misused, he said the government would add money if there was a problem with the fund.

He asked that by saying that employers told that workers do not agree to be registered on the Social Security Fund, you don’t want to be registered?  He called on to contribute in Social Security Fund without any doubt. Secretary KC said that efforts were being made to stop the development of the fund He asked everyone to be aware of this.

Speaking on behalf of the employers on the occasion, Mr. Chandra Dhakal, President of the FNCCI acknowledged important role of JTUCC in the Labor Act & Social Security Act. “JTUCC also played a role in creating a favorable environment for discussion between employers and trade unions on the same platform “He said.

He further said “talking about social security, about 12,000 industries and 1, 35,000 workers have been registered so far. But there are some technical issues to implement in practice due to some rules and regulations; he said that together we can be achieved the goal with cooperation.

Speaking about the future program of JUUCC, JUUCC President Cde. Binod Shrestha said that campaign will be launched nationwide to inform the employers, workers on registration and contribution process in Social Security Fund. He also informed that a campaign will be launched to unite all the informal sectors and self-employed workers in the social security scheme.

 President  Shrestha also said that trade unions  would initiate the  action against the employer to close the company by Terminating of workers for the purpose of deducting Nepali workers, hiring foreign workers and transforming regular workers into outsourced and plotting land.

 He also informed that Trade unions will take continuous initiative for 10% workers representation in all the elected and policy-making bodies.

 Likewise, he has also informed that the   initiatives will be taken to establish bilateral or multilateral social dialogue mechanisms at the central and regional levels to ensure the representation.

SARTUC Secretary General Mr. Laxman Basnet, NTUC President Mr. Pushkar Acharya, Women Committee president Ms.  Sudha Dahal also addressed in the program.

 Two days labour parliament has concluded By electing President of JTUCC for 2020 . NTUC President Mr. Pushkar Acharya has been elected for the next one year.

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