SOCSO Covers Migrant Workers in Malaysia from 2020

Kathmandu, migrant workers in Malaysia will be covered under the SOCSO (Social Security Organizetion) Act for employment-related injury from, 2020. The workers involved in the program will receive assistance from Soxo in case of accident, medical treatment for injuries. For the first time, the program has  applied to migrant workers for Malaysian citizens it has been have already applied.

Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) has expressed happiness over the government's decision to provide benefits to nearly 2.2 million documented migrant workers in Malaysia. Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) secretary-general, J. Solomon, said the Act was in the best interest of migrant workers who have contributed immensely to this nation. He said that it would protect the right of the workers to enjoy their minimum human rights wherever they were.
The government announced the Act’s implementation in January 2019, but due to the preparation for various processes, its true effect will only be felt from next year. Apart from this, MTUC is also very concerned about the fate of millions of undocumented workers in Malaysia “By providing SOCSO coverage to undocumented workers, the government will not only be complying with ILO  C19, but can implement the necessary mechanism to legalise these workers,” he said.

The employer has to pay for the expenses to associate in SOCSO 

Social Security Fund with facilities like SOCSO in Malaysia has already started in Nepal. Workers affiliated with the Social Security Fund not only receive treatment expenses in case of accident or illness but also receive maternity support, Support for OSH diseases, dependent family facility, pension facility in old age.


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