Nepali citizenship is not something to throw in the trash: General Secretary Pokharel

Kathmandu, CPN UML General Secretary Shankar Pokhrel has said that the Government has not done the rights thing by passing the certificate of citizenship with the wrong provision. Nepali citizenship is not something to be thrown in the trash saying that, and it is wrong to give Nepali citizenship on the day of marriage.

Speaking at the closed session of the 8th National Congress of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Union(GEFONT) held in Kathmandu, General Secretary Pokhrel said that it’s wrong and inequality that a Nepali girl should wait 7 years to get Indian Citizenship after marrying an Indian citizen, but married with Indian women can get on the same day.

Aiming at the recent visit of Maoist Center chairman  Prachanda to Delhi, General Secretary Pokhrel also opined that those who started running to Delhi for the post of Prime Minister have lost national self-esteem. He said that those who walk on the streets shouting that there has been regression are now walking the path of regression.

He said that foreign exchange condition was good during the kp oli-led government, and the foreign currency reserve was able to support 11 months of import goods saying that the current exchange rate is weak and the economy has weakened, saying that the foreign currency reserves for importing goods have fallen to the level of only 6 months. His analysis was that the economic situation of the country is weaker than during the coalition period after the coalition led the government.

Since the concept of social security incepted by the CPN-UML government in Nepal is expanding, now they are trying to compress, so General Secretary Pokharel also requested to reach out to the people and inform them. The old aged allowance has increased to 4000, which was incepted when Manmohan Adhikari was the prime minister. The current government tried to fail of Health insurance program and social security program which were promoted by the CPN UML-led government and said that CPN-UML stands against it.

General Secretary Pokharel called upon CPN-UML leaders, workers, and well-wishers to take the upcoming election as a challenge and move forward to succeed. He said that whether society is to change, the election should be made a matter of prestige.

Saying that as an outcome of the local elections, organizational anarchy and rightist opportunism have been seen to some extent in the CPN-UML and should be eliminated in the upcoming elections.

CPN-UML General Secretary Pokharel said that the current Nepali politics is not labour friendly and that those who ingest labour was more respected than workers. He said that the nation will not be able to progress until this changes situation. By saying that capitalism wants to make a one-time worker a permanent worker, he said that proletariat is created by capitalism. General Secretary Pokharel said that today's workers become tomorrow's employers and entrepreneurs, and the nation should assist them and develop national capital.

Saying that Nepal's politics is not on the right track, he  opined that even after three major political changes, the situation hasn’t reached the right place as desired by CPN-UML.  Although they tried to make the CPN a strong party, it only became like a front and the front has not changed in any country in the world, he said.

He said that GEFONT should be a common organization of all working classes by organizing and uniting the working class. it is necessary to organize those who are unorganized said that and to connect strongly with the labor movement workers of the informal sector.

He also thanked GEFONT for being able to keep them together even though they tried to split. Despite the unity of CPN, General Secretary Pokharel praised the visionary work of its leadership by keeping GEFONT as a separate organization and not allowing it to split.

In the closed session, GEFONT President Binod Shrestha presented a policy proposal for the next four years, Vice president Ramesh Badal presented a legislative amendment, and Vice President Bidur Karki, presented a future work proposal and General Secretary Janak Chaudhary presented four years of the organizational proposal. Nearly 500 representatives of GEFONT from all over the country are participating in the Congress. 

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